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Outdoor Series


9:30 am - 12:30pm

The Outdoor Series will consist of 5 different projects, using pinch, coil and slab hand-building techniques.

  • Pinch Pot Wind Chimes (February 6, 2021)

  • Hand-built Bird Fountain

  • Slab House Lantern 

  • Sgraffito Coil Vase

  • Introduction to Porcelain: Flower Jewelry

Dinnerware Series

Saturdays                 9:30am - 12:30

The Dinnerware Series will consist of 6 hand-built stoneware pieces which will provide one complete place setting and the knowledge to add more settings.

  • Lunch & Dinner Plate

  • Salad Bowl

  • Soup/Cracker Bowl

  • Small Trays (x3)

  • Coil Platter

  • Serving Bowl  

Acrylic Series

Friday's                    10am -12:30pm

The Acrylic Series will consist of 8-9 projects using Non-Fired Acrylics and a varied amount of acrylic techniques. All projects will provide various sets. Pick and choose, or do them all.

  • Gnapping Gnome Topper

  • Green Vintage Truck

  • Market Cart

  • Dog/Kitty Topper

  • Poinsettia Vase

  • Jack-O-Lantern Topper

  • Scarecrow Jolly Tree

  • Witch Jolly Tree

  • Stack of Pumpkins

  • Snowman Topper

Paint Techniques Classes

Saturday's                9:30am 12:30pm

Paint Technique classes will include approximately 7 different projects using fired paint techniques.

  • Blended Palette

  • Asian Fish

  • Blended Faceted Tree

  • Cardinal Christmas Tree

  • Kingfisher Bird Vase

  • Lighted Poinsettia Tree

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