Lodging A Complaint

A Customer has the right to request a review of items returned within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the returned items.
Where possible,​ complaints will be resolved at the first point of contact.

Written complaints will be acknowledged promptly with email confirmation that the complaint has been received.
If a complaint can’t be resolved immediately the Customer will be given an estimated timeframe for resolution and the name of a contact person. Where possible,​ the staff member taking the complaint details will be the contact person.

If the complaint is not resolved within the given timeframe it will be referred to the Company’s Customer Care,​ the email address of which is customercare@CountrysideCeramics.com, and the Customer notified of the referral.
Customers may also address a complaint directly to the Company via the above email address at any time.
Should the Company agree to a discount for the work returned,​ any repayment will be made within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 30 days.

Complaints Referred to Customer Care

Complaints referred to Countryside Ceramics Customer Care are recorded in a Complaints Log at the time of referral.

The Complaints Log allows for the process of the Customer Care Policy to be fulfilled.

The log will contain a ticket with full details of the Service User complaint,​ including the date when it was made,​ details of all communication with the Customer (including copies of emails and telephone notes) and any actions taken to resolve the complaint.

A Customer's personal details or details of a complaint will not be divulged to third parties unless the Countryside Ceramics has the particular Customers written consent to do so.
An approximate timeframe for resolution of a complaint by Customer Care will be provided to the Customer,​ who will be given regular progress reports,​ especially if there are any delays or changes to what has been agreed.

Customers who have had a complaint resolved may be contacted at a later date to ascertain whether or not they were satisfied with the manner in which their complaint was handled.

Visitors are also encouraged to read our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy.

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 CDC Standard Precautions for Covid-19:

  • Hand hygiene - Hand sanitizer is available for use by all.

  • Personal protective equipment - all customers & staff are required to wear a facemask at all times inside the shop & studio. If attending a class, students are required to enter with a facemask, but may remove it while sitting stationary in their own work space.

  • Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette - excessive coughing or sneezing will be asked to exit buildings.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of devices and environmental surfaces - High traffic areas in-store including surfaces, handles, and credit card machines will be cleaned and sanitized for everyones safety.

  • We allow no more than 7 people inside shop or studio. (Including staff!)

  • We remind customers to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet apart.






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